Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Educated decisions

Good monring!!!

The information that I continue to put on my blog daily is in an effort to create awarness and to help others see that we are just another number in the medical world. Over the next couple of months I am in the process of creating a Tshirt in honor of my sister and to stir up conversation that she is not just another number. I will be her voice to help create awarness and change in a society where no one cares nor wants to hear. The shirt will have a picture of Julie and say My name is Julie Ann Woodby not just another number (on the front)
and on the back It will say my blog site on it.

My main objective with this whole program is to open others eyes and show them that they can take medical matters in to their own hands. The need to know that they can ask the doctors questions. They can make choices on what they put into their bodies. You can't count on the Doctors to care about you. So to this all I can say is educate yourself. The more knowledge we have as a community the better decisions we make.

Thank you!!!
Love you and God Bless you!!!

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