Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WTH?????? Please read this!!!!

Hello to my fellow blog readers,

Over the past couple of weeks i have been tuned into some news reports that are being retelevised about how the

US may ban the sale of alcoholic drinks with caffeine kick.

Ok so I find something so totally wrong with this picture..How is it that we as a country will attempt to ban an alcoholic energy drink but we wont even take the time out to do the same with Prescription drugs. (that are doing just as much harm if not more)You know something somewhere is really warped.. Oh wait a minute I am sure the revenue generated by the perscription drug feild is greater than that of the so called Alcoholic drinks with caffeine. I am not against this ban but it does begs one to wonder why they (FDA) don't care about everything/everyone equally..
( Probably  because we as a people are just a number and when it comes to taking money out of someones pocket no one wants to listen)

So for your reading pleasure about this ban I will include the link below.



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