Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Common Side Effects
Enlarged Breasts
Fluid Retention in the Legs, Feet, Arms or Hands
Sinus Irritation and Congestion
Breast Tenderness Less
Breast Fullness due to Milk Production
Painful Periods
Decreased Breast Milk Production
Low Energy
Visible Water Retention
Loss of Appetite

Infrequent Side Effects
High Blood Pressure
Inflammation of the Lining of the Stomach and Intestines
Overgrowth of the Uterine Lining
Migraine Headache
Discharge from the Vagina
Sun-Sensitive Skin
Hair Loss
Excessive Hairiness
Weight Gain
Weight Loss
Head Pain
Frequent Headaches
Yeast Infection of Vagina and Vulva
Mood Changes
Altered Interest in Having Sexual Intercourse

Rare Side Effects
A Blood Clot within the Blood Vessels of the Eye
Sudden Blindness and Pain Upon Moving the Eye
Heart Attack
Blood Clot in Lung
Obstruction of a Blood Vessel by a Blood Clot
Blood Clot
Acute Infection of the Nose, Throat or Sinus
The Flu
Blockage of Gallbladder
Disease of the Gallbladder
Lump in the Breast
Fluid Secretion from the Breast
Inflammation or Infection of Vagina
Absence of Menstrual Periods
Abnormally Long or Heavy Periods
Irregular Periods
Bleeding Not Related to Menstrual Period
Change in Curvature of the Eye
Chest Pain
Involuntary Muscle Movements
Benign Tumor of Liver Cells
Liver Cancer
Cancer in the Lining of the Uterus
Breast Tumor
High Amount of Triglyceride in the Blood
Cervical Discharge
Focal Nodular Hyperplasia of Liver
Change in Appetite

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