Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Alittle more about Norplant

As I was researching side effects of Norplant I ran across some interesting information on a website. The websites name is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norplant#Side_effects.
The information shows the side effects of this particular drug and also gives info about lawsuits assoicated with this drug. If you scroll down you will read how this drug was discontinued in the United States.  However there are other area's of the world such as in Bangladesh who still use this particular method of birth control. According to one study 6.2 out of 100 rural women interviewed in one region in Bangladesh use the device. Yet there was an overwhelming number of lawsuits against this drug here in the US. I understand that we no longer are able to get this particular form of birth control but what about all those out there who arent here in the US and are dying or suffering so very badly. What about them?? See this information that is in the above website is exactly what I am talking about. When I say we as women need to educate ourselves before we become one of those statistics in some lawsuit.

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