Sunday, July 31, 2011

Reclast and Kidney Failure.. Please read.

Hello Readers,

Last week while I was researching Reclast for a friend I came across and overwhelming amount of articles that suggest Reclast may increase your risk of Kidney failure. So below I have added a few links for you to read up about this issue. I pray everyday that this blog will help you be more educated and informed to make better choice in regards to your health care decisions. As I started investigating this drug the more my heart hurt so badly. There are alot of side effects to this drug as there are with any drug. This drug just seems to increase as certain toxin in your blood that contributes to kidney failure.. (well according to the reports that I have read) So I have added the links below so that you can see and read for yourself.

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I love you all
God Bless You!!!

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