Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Contraceptives that are higher risk.

Third generation oral contraceptives containing desogestrel tend to doubled the risk of venous thrombosis (30 cases for every 100,000 users per year of third generation oral contraceptives compared to 15 cases for every 100,000 users of second generation oral contraceptives) and lack of evidence of clinical benefit as compared to the second generation oral contraceptives. The third generation oral contraceptives containing desogestrel are:
  • Desogestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol (Duramed/Barr and Watson Pharmaceuticals)
  • Desogen (Organon)
  • Mircette (Duramed/Barr)
  • Velivet (Duramed)
  • Apri-28 (Duramed/Barr)
  • Kariva (Duramed/Barr)
  • Ortho-Cept (Ortho-McNeil)
  • Reclipsen (Watson)
  • Cyclessa (Organon)
These are just a few of the ones on the market. Please note that if you or anyone out there is taking a pill that contains this element to please consult with your doctor first dont just stop them. I am not knocking birth control but I am saying that as females we need to know what it is we are putting in our bodies and how they will affect us. If you research more on this you will find that the contraceptives that came out back in the 60's seem to be somewhat safer than the altered ones created today. There are more details on this subject at www. notmypill.org . This particular site is trying to ban these drugs from the market but you and I all know that this is not reality. So I am  approaching this on a different level which is that of education.
We as a people can get together to make an impact if we work together and educated ourselves. So again I ask you for your help with this matter. I love you and God Bless  You!!!

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