Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Insignificant number of deaths!!! Hello!!!

Hello All!!

I spent the night last night tossing and turning with the above statement. You know growing up in the United States as a child it is pounded in your head that you can make a change. You have the ability to change laws make a difference and impact others with your voice. To tell you the truth in all reality that is not true. I have been working on this matter for 3 years and so far nothing. In my mission to get this educational program out I have talked to members of the FDA who will remain nameless. They said to me and I quote "the number of women dying is an insignificant number compared to the amount of meds prescribed." Hello!!!! What is wrong with this picture. I am sorry in my eyes one life is absolutely precious to disqualify that is so wrong. So what that tells me is that my Sister mean nothing to the people that be. (we are all just another number) That goes against everything and anything that we as American citizens are taught here in the U.S. I refuse to stay silent on behalf of all those who have died in vein. You know doctors, pharmacuetical companies and our government are all making money off of this issue. So why would they want to help me. Why would they want to see change?? Please help me get the word out. Education is the key..

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